Legal/Law Enforcement

Members of Tri-Cities Soroptimist Against Trafficking (TCSAT) attended the SARC Shine the Light on Human Trafficking Walk Friday in honor of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. TCSAT member Helene Schwartz discuss with Washington State Senator Sharon Brown of the 8th Legislative District about trafficking issues as they complete the walk across the cable bridge connecting Kennewick with Pasco.

The Tri-City Coalition Against Trafficking is essential to our fight against the sexual exploitation of our children. Our law enforcement is committed to a victim centered approach and creating survivors out of innocent victims.

If you suspect criminal trafficking in your neighborhood please contact your local police department at the following numbers:

Kennewick Police Department: (509) 585-4208, Rick Runge,

Commander Chris Guerrero, (509) 585-4208

Richland Police Department: (509) 942-7340, Athena Clark

Chief Chris Skinner: (509) 942-7359,
Pasco Police Department: (509) 545-3478, Tony Haworth,

Captain Brent Cook,

West Richland Police Department: (509) 628-0333, Chief Brian McElroy

Benton County Sheriff: (509) 735-6555, Scott Runge,

Sheriff Steve Keane,

Franklin County Sheriff: (509) 545-3501, Sheriff Jim Raymond,

Benton County Juvenile Justice:
Darryl Banks, Juvenile Administrator: (509) 222-2316,

David Wheeler, Intervention Services Manager: (509) 737-2745,

Suzi Carpino, Engagement Specialist: (509) 783-2151 ext. 2711,

Benton County Prosecutors office: 509-735-3591
Franklin County Prosecutors Office: 509-545-3543