Legal/Law Enforcement

The Tri-City Coalition Against Trafficking is essential to our fight against the sexual exploitation of our children. Our law enforcement is committed to a victim centered approach and creating survivors out of innocent victims.

If you suspect criminal trafficking in your neighborhood please contact your local police department at the following numbers:

Benton County Juvenile Justice

Darryl Banks, Juvenile Administrator: 509-222-2316,

Benton County Prosecutors office: 509-735-3591

Benton County Sheriff: 509-735-6555

Scott Runge:

Captain Brent Cook,

David Wheeler, Intervention Services Manager: 509-737-2745,

Chief Chris Skinner: 509-942-7359,

Commander Chris Guerrero, 509-585-4208

Franklin County Prosecutors Office: 509-545-3543

Franklin County Sheriff, Sheriff Jim Raymond: 509-545-3501,

Kennewick Police Department

Phone: 509-585-4208

Rick Runge:

Pasco Police Department

Phone: 509-545-3478

Tony Haworth:

Richland Police Department 

Detective Sergeant, Drew Florence:

Phone: 509-942-7340 


Athena Clark:

Sheriff Steve Keane:

Suzi Carpino, Engagement Specialist: 509-783-2151 ext. 2711,

West Richland Police Department: (509) 628-0333, Chief Brian McElroy